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Attractive Book Cover Design

While it has been said for centuries to not judge a book by its cover, some people still do. To make a cover that embodies the idea of your book, Vox Ghostwriting presents a variety of services.

Striking Design

Make your book stand out on the shelves or the online stores with our attractive and striking designs.

Extensive & Cost-Effective Packages

Along with a myriad of other services, we tend to your book cover requirements through cost-effective and highly affordable design packages.

Highly Skilled Designers

Do not worry about the skills as we have gathered experts who know the art of designing book covers. Let your target audience judge your book by the cover as they design nothing but fascinating book covers.

Book Covers That Stand Out And Deliver

As mentioned earlier, you cannot prevent the audience from making up their mind based on the cover of your book. While you may have a design suitable for your mind-set, you may request a design that embodies your story. We have a thorough approach to designing covers here at Vox Ghostwriting. We employ two main methods and they are:

Consultancy With Our Clients

It may prove time-consuming for some, but in this approach, we work day in and day out with our clients. We design according to their idea and we offer revisions and redesigns as requested. While it may take some time, we do not stop until we design a cover that our clients find appealing.

We Design According To Your Content

In this more preferable and unique approach, our experts thoroughly analyse the content of your book. Whether it’s a story, fiction or non-fiction, biography or memoir, we make sure the design caters to what is inside.

These are two of our main design methods. Nevertheless, we are always willing to comply with the requirements of our clients as innovation and adaptability are two of our main traits.

A Detailed Design With A Solid Back Cover

A design that serves the purpose of your story may sound like a long-shot, but it can be achieved. We know it as our design and marketing experts have done it for countless of our clients. Our cover designing department has firmly grasped the art of creating book covers. Whether you want something vibrant or distinct or if you need something abstract, we provide solutions that cater to all of your needs.

Moreover, our designing experts have honed their skills with years of practice and professional work. Therefore, if you need a simplistic or complicated design, all you have to do is ask or consult with us. We will make sure that your cover is according to your requirement and preferences.

We Design Them All

As mentioned above, we cater to the design needs of all kinds. Therefore, throw your worries out the window as we will cater to requirements of any kind. Whether you need a photograph on the back cover is entirely up to you but jokes aside, we will make sure your book cover does justice to your content.

Design My Book Cover

Apart from the fact that a book cover design should be engaging enough to get the business going, it is very much important for it to attract the publishers as well. Given that, several requirements need to be fulfilled to get the book published- the POD presses, e-books, for instance, require certain technicalities to meet in terms of formatting, image resolution, and file type. However, that is not for you to worry about, let us take over today and reaps the benefits forever!

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